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Support for SATs or sessions to ensure your child stays on track throughout these crucial years. 

Key Stage 2 tuition is designed to support children aged 7-11 in their academic development. Our experienced tutors provide tailored lessons in English, Maths and Science to help children build confidence and achieve their full potential. With a focus on interactive learning and individual attention, our tuition programme is the perfect way to give your child the extra support they need to succeed.

When your child reaches Year 5 or 6 and is looking towards their Key Stage 2 SATs exams our sessions don't just focus on supporting them to develop their knowledge but also help them understand exam technique and how to approach what is for many their first formal exam experience. Our tuition programme is the perfect way to ensure your child is fully prepared for their SATs and can achieve their best possible results, setting them up for success in secondary school and beyond. 

In the Classroom

***'s arithmetic results have more than doubled since starting tuition.

Year 6 Parent

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